About KAS

Kathryn Sullivan

I designed this product originally in response to observing dancers placing various types of cloth or clothing on the barre when it came time to stretch. Many ballet dancers these days don’t wear tights with feet; consequently rubbing and sticking occurs when sliding. Also, many dancers have discomfort in the Achilles tendon when placing their ankles on the barre. A cushioned sleeve was the perfect solution!

Gradually I saw another practical use for the glider . As a teacher, I always had struggled with finding ways to have the students not grab or lean on the barre for their balance. The ballet glider would provide a visual device to remind them to adjust their hand on the barre as needed. This results in the students having stronger, more stable centerwork !

I have gotten very favorable reactions to this product from teachers and students, and order requests from all over the world.

Kathryn Sullivan has been teaching ballet in New York City for over twenty five years and currently teaches at Steps on Broadway, and Peridance Center, and was an adjunct professor at Barnard College at Columbia University for two decades.

Teaches: Monday, Wednesday, Friday STEPS on Broadway
and Peridance Tuesday & Thursday