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“Great idea….. all my students should have one!”

“Since using the ballet glider, I have been able to fix my issue of twisting my shoulders when turning or moving at the barre.  It's easy to slide your hand on the barre and find correct arm alignment and proper hand placement. 
Such a helpful tool!"

“The Ballet Glider by KAS is a must have for every tour I go on. It is the perfect tool for any dancer both for technique, comfort and ease of mind. I usually find I don’t like using ballet barres made from metal because I don’t like the metal smell on my hands, but thanks to the ballet gliders I never have to worry about that again! It’s also great for keeping a good sanitary practice in the studios as well!”

“The most beautiful and practical ballet accessory you need regardless your level of training. Ballet glider is perfect for smooth hand transition on the barre with the weight transfer of the body. Now my barre hand glides on the barre so smooth like a dream ;) It also comes in various colours so that you can match your leotard!”

“The Ballet Glider is a rarity in itself - practicality applied to the dancer's daily life of muscular stretching and strengthening!  An excellent means of safe sliding on the barre when lengthening primarily the leg muscles, without Achilles compression on a bare barre, without the worry of sliding too far, too fast either!  And buy it onsite at multiple locations for a rate even dancer's can afford!”

“The ballet glider is perfect and pretty, too. - easy to pop on with its velcro strips, comfortable, and slides like a dream.  I've cut most of the feet from my tights leaving my ankles bare the ballet glider was just what I needed.  The materials are easy to clean.  I just keep it in my ballet bag and attach it at the beginning of class.”

“The Ballet Glider is Amazing! I was always in such pain from putting my already irritated Achilles (chronic tendonitis) on the wood, or cold metal barres. I tried leg warmers, socks and even sweaters; but they were always falling off of the barre,. The glider is like a portable bed for my ankles.”

"My students love the glider!. By alleviating pressure on the Achilles tendon,it helps them stay properly aligned while sliding on the barre .. I am also finding it very useful for training correct placement of the hand on the barre when transferring weight forward and backward, and when executing detourne.”

"I bought two Ballet Gliders on my recent trip to NYC!! I find them useful in many ways, both at the barre and on the floor. I use mine to protect my knees when doing the "frog" position (turnout stretch). Because of the soft fleece, I can stretch my turnout without feeling pressure on my knees."

The Healthy Dancer

by Diana Dart Harris

A pointed foot, a high relevé, a fully stretched foot in a jump – these are all sought after in dance.  Whether dancers study ballet and are constantly on their toes, study tap and dance on the balls of their feet, study Irish dance and are always in a relevé, or study modern and jazz and are stretching their feet in jumps, they demand a lot from their calf muscles.

 Since these muscles are constantly worked, they tend to grow very tight in dancers. The calf muscles are connected to the calcaneous, or heel bone, by the Achilles tendon, and when the muscles are tight, the pull on the Achilles tendon increases. As a result of this increased pull, the tendon becomes irritated and inflamed, and dancers often develop Achilles tendonitis. The Achilles tendon can be irritated further when a dancer partakes in a barre stretch. In a barre stretch, the ankle of the leg is placed upon the barre, putting additional pressure upon the Achilles tendon and possibly irritating it further. (Read Online)

The Ballet Glider in use at the barre